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San Diego based photographer, Shawn Paone, has been honing her photography skills since 2010. After receiving a BA in Visual Art from Rutgers University in 2013 she made the cross country trek from New Jersey to California in search of her next subject matter.

Always passionate about sports and art, Shawn has managed to blend her two passions over the past few years into a perfect marriage of outdoors sports photography. She has focused mostly on local female athletes ranging in sports from trail running, mountain biking, skating, surfing and Crossfit.

Shawn is a lifelong lover of sports and has an endless curiosity to try them all (Currently an avid trail runner, decent weightlifter, wannabe mountain biker, and terrible surfer). Her work aims to capture the intersection between humans, nature and sports and how they all interact together. Looking toward her future she hopes to continue to expand her range of athletes and delve into other sports realms.

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